To compete today, you need every edge. That extra edge is what CroftDigital delivers- compelling, professional portraits that set you apart and get you noticed!

Regardless of your profession, everyone needs a set of “go to” images that can be used for social media, corporate and executive marketing, along with more specialized online databases serving doctors & lawyers where your image matters. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you need a professional headshot. It’s that simple.

Snapshots that were taken by your friends and family (even with great cameras) are not professional and do not convey the success or confidence that your images deserve. At CroftDigital our goal is to capture dynamic portraits that project confidence and success so critical in today’s competitive marketplace


3 reasons you need a professional headshot?

1. This is the time to invest in your brand. You will want to demonstrate your appreciation for quality in your choices.  This starts with your personal image.

2. You may only have a moment to catch the attention of clients, employers, or casting directors. Improve your chances with well-crafted images.

3. Studies show that 90% of human resource staff check candidate’s social media sites before offering an interview.  Are you projecting the right message and fit?